About IHFC

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The technology Innovation hub for Cobotics set up by Indian Institute of technology Delhi.Under the aegis of Department of Science and technology, Government of india’s National mission on interdisciplinary cyber physical systems.

A section 8 company, I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) has been incorporated which will act as an interface between industry, research and academia to realize the vision of this mission.I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) will not only perform research in the area of Cobotics, but also proactively translate the outcomes into products for the benefit of the humanity. In the first phase, it will be covering Medical Robotics, Agriculture, Disaster Management, Defense, and Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0).

Apart from several top companies and institutions in India, universities from Japan, Korea, USA, and UK have already committed to the IHFC at IIT Delhi.


“Encourage, Nurture And Accelerate Young Ideas Into Robust Products Of The Future”

To help ascertain the right kind of resources & provide the best in class guidance to create a conduit of collaboration between industry, research and academia, to ensure fast-tracking development from idea to reality.


To Create An Ecosystem That Provides Targeted And Optimum Support For Research Into The Field Of Cobotics.

An ecosystem that is easily Accessible, is Responsive to the research and business needs of young ideas, and provides the necessary support to allow Expansion of these idea into sustainable products that might benefit humanity.