NSF and DST in association with IHFC to launch their kickoff meeting to be held on 8/9th August 2022

IHFC is pleased to announce that we will be organizing the DST-NSF joint Research Projects Kick-off Workshop at IIT Delhi on 8th and 9th August 2022.

This event marks the initiation of joint research collaboration between the selected six TIHs from NMICPS, DST, India, and NSF, USA. The 6 Hubs are:

  1. TIH -IIT Delhi- IHFC
  2. TIH-IIT Mumbai-IoT
  3. TIH-IIT Bhu-Varanasi-IDAPT
  5. TIH IIT Madras-Pravartak
  6. TIH-ISI- Kolkata-IDEAS
Thirty-five joint research projects with 2 PIs each from India and the US will be awarded at the event. The major thematic areas of the research projects cover: Agriculture, Autonomous Systems technologies and applications, Health and environment, Rehabilitation and assistive robotics, and Smart Cities, These projects clearly reflect working collaboratively towards a better world and offering smarter solutions to all. This kickoff workshop will be attended by the top dignitaries from DST, NSF and IIT. This event organised by IHFC will be a closed door meeting and by invite only.