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IHFC is proud to present enable young and talented Indian engineering graduates and students through a pre-seed incubation program “READY” pan internship opportunity for the young and talented Indian engineering graduates and students. READY Program aims to support aspiring candidates who have an inclination towards product development, early startup through research and problem solving through research and development in the field of collaborative robotics.

This program provides a unique platform to the young talent of the country to work with some of the best academic and research minds of the country in the domain of robotics and cobotics. The program aims to bind the propensity of the READY candidate, domain expert to work together towards the advancement of the domain. The READY graduates pursue future roles as founders of early startups, researchers and professionals in the domain of Cobotics.

IHFC provide financial support, mentorship and guidance to all those looking to go beyond and work on the cutting edge in the domain of Cobotics and contribute towards the development their society in a meaningful way.

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READY Program current Entrepreneurs

Stories of READY Graduate - Srikrishna

I am Srikrishna S from Chennai. I have been working in robotics for the past Five (5) years. I graduated from B.Tech Electronics and Communications Engineering at NIT Trichy. While there I was involved with the robotics club of NIT Trichy where I built several robots and worked on different projects like soccer robots (a system of robots which can play soccer). I also worked as an intern under Dr.S.K.Saha in the project Robomuse 4 where I learnt about mobile robot SLAM, navigation and various other concepts. This allowed me to pursue a mobile robotics project as my final year project where we were making a person following robot. We were successfully able to make one and we were able to publish our results. After that I wanted to continue working on mobile robotics and build the platform I had built into a better version with more features hence I proposed them to join the READY program and I was accepted. I have been working in the program for past months and it has been a great learning experience for me learning how to present ideas, how to document successes and failures and how to improve upon them. I always wanted to innovate in the field of robotics and this allows me to do so with the guidance of experts.

After completing his six month pre-seed incubation at IHFC READY Program Srikrishna S has started his company SeiAnmai Technologies - A Startup in the space of Internet of Robotics, Telepresence Robots and Communication Technology for Robotics Systems. His first product TOTO - a research and education mobile robotic platform is available for pre-order. Check for updates.
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